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For tire, rubber, ink toner and consumer products

TKC Technologies leads the field in servicing Carbon Black Handling Systems for the Tire and Rubber, Ink Toner and Consumer Products industries.

TKC operates from Bridgeville, Delaware as an affiliate of O.A. Newton within the 165,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility with full machine and fabrication capabilities. TKC Engineers design all products and systems, and we install using our in-house field crews, specifically trained in TKC equipment and start-up. We hold several U.S. Patents for Carbon Black specific equipment: most notably the heated screw conveyor and pinch valve, with several more in development. 

Carbon Black is an extremely difficult material to handle. TKC Technologies realizes that an effective conveying system needs to address many of the common handling problems the Carbon Black market is faced with, such as:

  1. Contamination & Dust Control

  2. Caking & Line Plugging

  3. Leakage, especially into the mixer

  4. Accuracy of weighments

  5. Pellet Degradation leading to end of line quality concerns and yield loss.

TKC Technologies offers solutions to these challenges today and continues to innovate to address concerns with utility consumption, spare parts, feed rates, maintenance and housekeeping, to name a few. The next generation heated screw conveyor, the Thermveyor revolutionizes the business of rapidly transporting and accurately dispensing this difficult to handle material into a weigh system, leapfrogging even our current niche-leading designs in effectiveness for our customers.

If you're moving carbon black from hopper to mixer and want the most accurate and reliable means of getting it done, then get in touch to see how we can support you. 

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