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Don't just take our word for it - see what our customers say about us our bulk material handling solutions.

Charlotte Pipe.png

From your sales team to your engineers to your installation crews, your company exemplifies total professionalism. Our internal staff saves hundreds of project management hours because your guys do turn-key projects exceptionally well, managing multiple subcontractors and meeting our delivery dates with a high-quality solution.

Vice President of Plastics Production

Charlotte Pipe

3D Printing Fiber

We saw significant rate increases at or about our target volume with dramatic improvements in product quality, reducing scrap rate to negligible amounts. The automation also allowed me to largely reposition our manpower toward other lines or other duties, paying us back rapidly in human costs as well.


Project Manager

Fiber Composites

Kleer Lumber iMage.jpg

Maybe the thing I liked the best was their flexibility in working with us and in recognizing our true needs. We thought we knew exactly what we wanted, but their engineers let us in on some different, unique ideas and techniques that better served our objectives.

Vice President of Manufacturing

Kleer Lumber

Silver Line Plastics.jpg

O.A. Newton has always been a very professional, reliable company provides a great service to the industry and has always offered the support we needed as well. We depend on your company to not only keep us up and running but to update us on new, developing technology to help us operate more efficiently.

Silver-Line Plastics

american phoenix.png

The system you guys installed was the difference between night and day.

Engineering Manager

American Phoenix, Inc.


You asked me if we'd like to continue to do business with O.A. Newton. Without question! I'd be happy to speak with your other customers if you think it would make a difference.


Perdue Farms Inc.


Your equipment provided for this project has reinforced your reputation of quality.

Ulises Ramirez, Project Leader

Arkema Group

Tyco Electronics.jpg

They were knowledgeable, addressed the needs of the project and were clearly an experienced safety crew. This job took some pre-planning and the finished product more than met our expectations.


Tyco Electronics

Vent Bag Filter.jpg

I wanted to say that the new Bin Vents are working wonderfully. The installation went flawless, and they were efficient and quick, while always being safe and abiding by our safety rules. They did an outstanding job, and should be congratulated.

Sr. Project Engineer

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