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A patented heated screw feeder for Carbon Black.

TKC Technologies (an affiliate of O.A. Newton ) developed, patented and commercialized the internally heated screw feeder for delivering carbon black to your rubber mixer. The patented TKC Heated Screw Conveyor is the only device of its kind.

It solved the problems of moving carbon black by accurately moving it from bins to scales.

The new TKC Technologies Thermveyor Screw Feeder (patent pending), takes our original industry leading design a few steps beyond:

  1. 125% gain in thermal efficiency

  2. Universal Element Replacement for any length.

  3. 64% reduction in Energy Use.

  4. Heat range of 100 to 500 degrees.

Standard Features:

  • The TKC Technologies Thermveyor

  • Carbon Steel Flights and Housing

  • electric band heaters

  • connecting rotary union

  • self-aligning bearings

  • outlet site glass

  • RPM range from 0-120 (customer provides Variable Frequency Drive and Controls).


  1. Stainless Steel Flights

  2. Nickel Plating

  3. Custom Inlet or Outlet

  4. Non- Uniform Pitch

  5. Inlet to Discharge Distance

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