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Break material flow.

The Vacuum Breaker Valve gets its name by opening up the air side of the vacuum conveying line to atmosphere, effectively stopping (or breaking) the air flow, and consequently the material flow, within system. Vacuum Breaker Valves are typically mounted before the intake of the Vacuum Power Unit.


Our vacuum breaker valve can also be used as a Purge Valve when placed in the vacuum conveying line just after where the material enters the air stream. When the Valve is opened up the air is pulled from atmosphere and not the material source, and clears the rest of the conveying line of material.


Standard Features:

  • Our Tee Style Vacuum Breaker Valve incorporates a simple, cost effective, space saving plunger design. Available for 2" to 4" tube and pipe line sizes. The tee style is NOT recommended for use as a Purge Valve.

  • The Butterfly Style Vacuum Breaker Valve has a large, more robust design, that better filters the incoming air and seals the valve shut when closed. The Butterfly style recommended for most outdoor applications. Available for 3" to 6" tube and pipe line sizes.

  • All Valves are air actuated with a 120 VAC or 24 VDC solenoid.

  • Aluminum body construction.


Standard Features: Aluminum, 120 VAC


  • Carbon Steel

  • Stainless Steel

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