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Efficient weighing of minor ingredients.

O. A. Newton's Micro Ingredient Controller (MIC) provides efficient weighing of minor ingredient with accuracy and repeatability that exceeds the typical Loss-In-Weight, or Gain-In-Weight feeders you see on the market at ±0.5% of the full scale deflection.

The Number of MICs that can be used in a series on one conveying line depends on your process, batch cycle, and how far away the MICs are from the process.

For Maximum Accuracy, MIC Units should be used in conjunction with our Check-Scale Filter Receiver to double check the total batch weight, before it's added to your process

Standard Features:

  1. Powder Coated Carbon Steel Construction.

  2. Agitator Section with paddles to keep material flowing.

  3. Stainless Steel Feed Screw.

  4. 3 Hp Variable Speed AC Motor.

  5. Electronic Load Cell Scale System.

  6. Fill and Discharge slide-gate valves.

  7. Conveying Line Adapter.

  8. Self-Contained Dust Collection System returns airborne material to the process.

  9. Bulk Bag Unloading System.


  1. Bag Massaging Feature.

  2. Paint Color

  3. 50 lb bag, manual dump transition

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