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5 Top Tips for Good Air Performance

Poor or degrading performance of a bulk material handling system can happen for a variety of reasons. One of the most common challenges is a pneumatic system with lack of filter maintenance for the vessels and holding hoppers that maintain solid material at processing points in the system. In addition, inferior design also will cause trouble.

The following tips will help get the most from your pneumatic system:

  1. Maintain Balance. A good system draws only enough air from each service point to evacuate the air without drawing off excessive amounts of raw material. Poor air balance leads to prematurely clogged filters and line plugs.

  2. Air Purge. Every service or connection point in the collection manifold or duct system should be outfitted with an inlet to draw in fresh air and reduce vacuum pressure on the vessel or hopper being vented.

  3. Filtration PMs. Preventative maintenance on the filter cartridges or bags to continually keep them clear of excess material and debris is a key to optimal performance. This is usually done with a compressed air blow down of the filter housing. The timing and frequency of this blow down to ensure consistent clearing of the filter media will ensure proper performance.

  4. Exhaust Fan Damper. For dust collection systems, any exhaust fans should be fitted with a mechanical or automatic air damper to adjust air flow for fixed CFM fans and balance your system appropriately (see tip #1).

  5. Take Out the Trash. Dust collectors work best when they move material through them without maintaining material within them. If you allow your dust collector to be a storage vessel if reduces its operational efficiency. Totally ignoring it and allowing it to over fill renders it useless and runs the risk of damaging its filtration components.

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