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Ultimate control

Using the latest state of the art technologies, O. A. Newton Control Systems provide the ultimate in control for your Material Handling and Compounding Systems.

With a PC/PLC control configurations and graphical user interface (HMI), operators can visually observe all critical functions of a system and with a touch screen actually control the system. In a networked environment, the system can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

If you have existing in-plant standards for controls, we can easily design around those standards, otherwise we select the most appropriate equipment for your application. Our systems are designed with open architecture, so changes are easily made after the installation, and upgrades can occur as frequently as necessary.

We regard service as a key component to a successful Control System. We are there for you during the start-up and training of your personnel, and once the system is fully operational we monitor it with you to further optimize the process.

Even as the project comes to completion, we feel that our relationship with you has just begun.

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