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Trouble Free Conveying

Filter receivers are an integral part of any pneumatic conveying system.


Our solutions provide automatic air filtration and dust control for dry bulk materials that are conveying pneumatically. Unwanted airborne material is trapped by the filter media, which are located within the receiver.

Standard Features:

  • Side load or top load filter cartridge options.

  • Jet air pulse media cleaning with compressed air manifold, solenoid & timer panel. 

  • Filter cartridges have 45 pleats and various options on the square feet of cloth depending on cartridge length.

  • Differential pressure gauge to monitor filter cleaning system performance.

  • Material inlet deflection to aid in material-air separation.

  • 60° or 70° discharge cone with vibrator mounting pad and Solimar pads if required, to maximize material discharge.

  • Mounting lugs.

  • Easy to use. 

  • Simple to clean.

  • We size your air-to-cloth ratio based on the application.


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