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The Dow Chemical Company
The whole OAN team was flexible with regard to the Dow Project Definition process, especially with regard to safety, Dow specs, and procurement planning. The dedication to work late and on weekends away from home demonstrated how you guys feel about your customers and this made an impression.

David W. Alsgaard, WPC Project Manager, Dow Chemical Company


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TKC Technologies: Pinch Valve

The TKC Pinch Valve is used in installations where the complete discharge of materials from a weigh hopper, holding bin or transition is critical.

The unit utilizes a fabric discharge sleeve which is attached at the top & bottom to keep all transfers of materials dust free to the atmosphere yet at the same time, when the valve opens, the sleeve immediately goes slack & all materials drop through the sleeve. Because the sleeve is loose and flexible, any materials held in the sleeve will be quickly released. The range of fabrics available on the market today provides for most all chemical materials to be used in the TKC Pinch Valve. Life of the sleeve is in most instances 6 months or more and to change a sleeve takes only minutes. The pinch rollers are heavily padded & covered by a highly abrasion resistant fabric so that the closing & opening of the TKC Valve does not wear on the sleeve. Let TKC show you how to deliver materials to your system faster than you ever thought possible.

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